About us

AVA – GeoEngineering Studio was born at the same time as Turin, Sanremo (IM) and Bra (CN) in January 1997 on the initiative of the Geologist Andrea Valente Arnaldi with the aim of promoting from the design point of view all emerging initiatives in the environmental, geological, geotechnical, hydraulic and seismic fields throughout the national territory.
In 2020, thehydraulic engineeringsector Is enhanced. We address the modeling of natural and artificial waterways, the study of surface waters, underground waters and solid transport, as well as the design and construction of hydraulic works to protect the territory, including coastal zones. Our firm follows all the phases of design and construction supervision of aqueduct systems, sewers and management of primary and secondary drainage.

Office of TURIN – Via Denina 3 (Giardini Reali), 10124 – meeting room