Environmental Technician Geological Office

Dott. Geol. Andrea Valente Arnaldi

10124 TORINO - Via Denina 3 (Giardini Reali)

18038 SANREMO (IM) - Via Manzoni 61 (Piazza Colombo)

12042 BRA (CN) - Strada San Michele 14

Hydrodynamic model port of Genoa (2020)

Hydraulic stability checks on the Saluggia nuclear site - VC (2020)



Works Management

Expert Advices

Avalanche study and design of safety measures
from the avalanche risk of the French entrance of the new Tenda Tunnel

Debris casting of 4 October 2020 at the entrance of the Tenda Tunnel in France


New tunnel of the Tenda Hill (Italy-France) double oven

Feasibility study
Highway infrastructure of corso Marche

Torino, Venaria Reale, Collegno, Grugliasco, Beinasco

New section of the Lake Garda cycle route

Lemon on Garda and Tremosine sul Garda (BS)

Val Noci Dam

Montoggio Department (GE)

Highway of Flowers

Ventimiglia (IM)

Assessment of the seismic safety of the 6 reservoirs of the Genoa aqueduct

Combeiraut River

Pragelate (TO)

RSU Landfill - Collette Ozotto

Sanremo (IM)

Well Field - Hospital Presidium

Chivasso (TO)



Works Management

Expert Advices


Geotechnics - Seismic surveys - Geotechnical and geomechanical tests on site and laboratory
Geognostic surveys – Palifications – Tie rods – Consolidations – Geotechnical, seismic and structural monitoring
Stability checks of slopes and excavation fronts - Safety of jagged and avalanche movements
Hydrogeology – Water wells – Geothermal energy – Underground works (Tunnel) – Landfills – Quarries – Dams
Hydrology and Hydraulics - Aqueducts and sewers - River and maritime accommodation - Naturalistic engineering
Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) – Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA)
Pre-feasibility and feasibility environmental studies – Environmental impact assesstment
Characterizations, reclamation and environmental recovery – Environmental expert advices – Use of soil and excavated rocks
Spatial planning – Seismic microzonation studies – Civil Protection Plans
Hydrogeological, environmental and seismic risk assessment
Plano-altimetrics surveys
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